School Rule's IC (In character)

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School Rule's IC (In character) Empty School Rule's IC (In character)

Post by Bartholomew Sain-drake on Thu Jul 04, 2013 5:59 pm

The school rule's. these are the guidelines where we all shall life by in the school and on it's terrain.

1. The school starts at 08.45 AM, the first break is at 10.15 the class resumes at 10.30 AM, the lunchbreak is from 12.10 AM till 01.10 PM, the last break if from 02.30 PM till 02.45 PM and the school ends at 03.40 PM. Then the club activity's will start from 03.50 PM till 05.30 PM. You will recessive a warning;

2. You don't smoke in the schoolbuilding. If you get cought doing it in a schoolbuilding you must write 100 time's down 'I may not smoke in the schoolbuilding.' (You may post it or you can post you're punishment in 100 words in one post.)

3. Don't eat humans on the schoolterrain. If you get cought you will be putted in the Different Dimension for 1 month (one real month and you must post at least 10 times. You don't have to wait for other rpers. But you have to wait at least 1 hour before reposting.)

4. Don't use celphone's in school. The barrier around the schoolterrain disturbes the celphone's from working. If you want to call use the schoolphone it is located in every dorm on the ground floor. You can use electronic devices, but you don't have internet. Except in the cantine.

5. You don't kill in the school, there is the graveyard for. If you kill in school you will be putted in the dungeon for a week (A real week and you must at least posted 3 time's.)

6. You may say everything to the teacher but be always respectfull. If you don't may the teacher choose what he/she does to you.

7. you can't show you're monster form on the school campus. You may show it, but ONLY if you're in danger or when it is a part of the school training (events). If you do you must clean up the entire school EXCEPT if it is self-defense.

8. You may bring weapons to the school BUT they may never bee seen by the teachers. The punishments depents of the teacher.

9. Pets are forbidden in the schoolbuilding. If you do bring one you have to leave it in the pethouse. If you don't do that you must walk out the pets of the teachers and the headmaster.

10. After each punishment you have to see the school head-master.
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