The Rules of Yokai Academy

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The Rules of Yokai Academy Empty The Rules of Yokai Academy

Post by Bartholomew Sain-drake on Fri Jun 28, 2013 6:55 pm

Here are a few things about this rp that you must respect ad obay.

1. You don't kill people in the school buildings, there is the graveyard. If you do kill anyone on the school.
2. You don't eat human beeings on the schoolground. You may eat them in you're dorm room but beware if anyone finds out. If you do eat humans on the schoolground or were seeing eating humans in you're room.
3. If you are in a solo topic you must wait at least 1 hour for reposting. If you do it sooner you gain banned for 3 days.
4. You don't show you're monster form on the school campus. You may show it, but ONLY if you're in danger or when it is a part of the school training (events). doing on free will, for fun or the teacher didn't say it.
5. If you leave a topic you must post under the message : (Exit), -Exit-, .... .
6. obviously you must have an approved character before you rp. They have to be at least 16 year's old.
7. Godmode and metagaming (knowing something that your character can't know. For example "The joker wants to putt a pie in the teacher's face but didn't told you about it or you didn't heared it you CAN'T know ot ir use it in you're posts.) is Forbidden!!!!!!!! (Instant kill, instant injury, do something that nothing can stop, beeing a super monster,) If you do you will be banned pernamently
8. And ALWAYS respect other rpers.
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