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Jill Dogwood 'teacher' Empty Jill Dogwood 'teacher'

Post by teacher on Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:21 am

Character's info

Name: Jill Dogwood
Monster specie: Hellhoundµ
Age: 260 but  looks 27
Schoolgrade: N/A teacher
Sex: Female
Sexuality: straigth
Special Characteristics: She has a tattoo of a blue flaming skull on her right shoulder and blond/yellow animal ears.
Personality's: serious, happy, tactfull, violently, sadistic, friendly,
Like's: fire, dogs, food, drinks, free time, torchering, beeing in her monster form, bones
Dislike's: water, cats, no food, beeing prisoned, flea's and enoying students
Motivation's: to teach the new generation to life in peace with the humans.
Fears: water, huge cages, no food and beeing capture to be a pet.


Height human form: 1m70
Height Monster form: 2m50
Eye collour: Orange
Hair collour: Blond/Yellow
Hair style: short to the neck
Clothe's: Army boots, a black skirt that goes just above the knees, a black belt with a flaming blue skull on it, a black top, a black blue sleeveles vest and just sleeves who are tiden up with black belts.
Accesoirs: a necklace with a flaming blue skull on it.
Strenght: To controle fire and transform into a huge hellhound
Weakness: water, fleas


History: Jill was raised in the depths of hell. She was teached by torchering and violence by Baäl himself. So when she turned 16 she went to the Yokai Academy. There she learned that not all humans were like she was learned from Baäl. So she wanted to become a teacher to teach the stutents like a normal teacher would do. So finaly she worked there when she was 26 years old.
Faceclaim: Kon Kitami - Mimi X mimi

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Jill Dogwood 'teacher' Empty Re: Jill Dogwood 'teacher'

Post by Bartholomew Sain-drake on Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:23 am

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