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Character's info

Bartholomew Sain-Drake SebastianMichaelis

Name: Bartholomew Sain-drake
Monster specie: Demon
Age: 18
Schoolgrade: 6th
Sex: male
Sexuality: bi
Special Characteristics: A giant dark dragon on his back with red eye's. A huge scar that has a 3 claw mark. and a pentagram on his left hand that represents the 5 elements.
Personality's: Happy, friendly, honest, revengefull, respectfull, honorfull and serious
Like's: food, friends, family, his gods, food, drinks, good blood and animals he prefers Cats.
Dislike's: water, fire, murder, bad blood, death friends and family.
Motivation's: getting friends and start a family
Fears: thunder, the death of his friends.


Height human form: 1m85
Height Monster form: 1m90
Eye collour: Red
Hair collour: Black
Hair style: wild
Clothe's: tuxedo with white gloves
Accesoirs: white gloves.
Strenght: Can transform into a demon with huge horns and raven wings. He is quick in the dark. He can also controle dry sand. Bartholomew can also use a little fire when he drank alcohol or ate it. And finally he can let dinner knives out of his sleeve's to trow with them.
Weakness: pure light from angles, gods or demigods. his strongest weakness is water, if he is wet he can't controle his sand abilty anymore. Dogs and dinner time.


History: Bartholomew is born in the depts of hell itself. His parents lived there for Demons pretty happy. They did the dirty work of the devil, while he could keep his hands clean. But on one day they were send away from hell when Bartholomew was only 8 years old. He and his parents were granted 1 wish from the devil for their good work, they chose for living on the surface to let their child grew up as any normal monster child. The devil made it happens because a devil or demon would never brake their promise. As the years flew by Bartholomew had a few monster friends. For example he had Jhon the Hellhound, Archer an centaur and than their was luna the morph. He liked them very hard but then the day came he had to go this strange high school called "Yokai Academy." They found it really good for him because they had been there before, but already left the school. And now Bartholomew sits their in Yokai Academy.
Faceclaim: Sebastian Michaelis from kuroshitsuji
Bartholomew Sain-drake
Bartholomew Sain-drake
Yokai Lord

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