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Post by Misuki Shiragin on Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:10 am

Misuki Shiragin 11r4ygo

Name: Misuki Shiragin
Monster specie: Demon
Age: 16
Schoolgrade: 5th grade
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: no special characteristics
Personality's: She’s a very nice person, but also very shy. She acts way cooler than she normally is. You can say she’s a typical Tsundere type.
Like's: She likes silence and places, her friends and especially food.
Dislike's: She hates too curious peoples who asks a lot of questions and she also hates too much noises.
Motivation's: She wants to get graduated and start her own family.
Fears: Loud noises, a lot of fire and the death of her friends and family


Height human form: 1m64
Height Monster form: 1m64
Eye collour: purple and a little bit pink
Hair collour: brown
Hair style: Not too short or long.
Clothe's: She usually wears short skirts with black panties underneath it.
Accesoirs: No accesoirs
Strenght: Misuki can have dark raven wings when she transforms in her monster form. When she’s in her monster form, her element is Nature. But most of the time she just uses her weapon to attack everyone.
Weakness: Just scream out VERY loudly and use a lot of fire skills, then she’s kinda defeated.


History: She doesn’t really have a special history. She always had a good life and relationship with her family. But then her parents decided to let her study in Yokai Academy. She listens to them and studies now in that Yokai Academy.
Faceclaim: No faceclaim : I made the picture by myself.
Misuki Shiragin
Misuki Shiragin

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Post by Bartholomew Sain-drake on Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:21 am

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