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Cat's chase Empty Cat's chase

Post by Bartholomew Sain-drake on Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:41 am

Dear Rp's,

The first event, The cat chase. The event is simple, Capture Babu the zombiecat. The person who can capture him will have him as a pet.

It may sound easy but there are a few rules in the chase: 1. No monsterform 2. It is inside the school labyrinth (Event Zone, will be soon opend.) 3. Don't kill the cat. 4. The cat will be played during the event by an NPC.

You may sabotage the other event players but you may not kill them.

With friendly greetings,

Bartholomew Sain-drake
Bartholomew Sain-drake
Bartholomew Sain-drake
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