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Post by Daichi Nori on Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:56 pm

Character's info

Name: Daichi Nori
Monster specie: gargoyle
Age: 18
Sex: male
Sexuality: Straight
Special characteristics: three piercings on his left ear
Personality: He's a relatively serious guy while he works on something, while he happens to be more of a womanizer as well as an artist. While he's working on a piece or trying to get girls  he seems to be happiest.
Like's: Udon, women, art, rock, graveyards
Dislike's: unprovoked fights, snobs of both genders, things that seem pointless...like drama, arguments, the occasional assignment
Motivation's: To gain better control of his monster form
Fears: thunder storms


Height human form: 5'9
Height Monster form: 6'6
Eye collour: Red
Hair collour: Black
Hair style: wild
Clothe's: relatively dark and neutral colors. He wears a black hoodie in all weather as he can't feel hot or cold temperatures, black jeans, gray shirt, black converse.
Accesoirs: nothing except the piercing he already has
Strenght: armor like skin, wings, barbed spikes that can be shot from his tail
Weakness: electric charges


History: Being a Gargoyle, Daichi always liked high places, and wet weather, but he rarely got to experience flight or got to see many monsters like himself, humans often got up in arms about giant flying beasts coming from the church yard at night, so when he ever had to leave he had to do so by putting a statue in his place and leave on foot. But he just couldn't take it, one night, in a thunderstorm, he decided to fly out around the city he lived in, just to see the night life. He didn't feed on humans, or anything but they sure assumed so, weapons raised and battle cris free, they chased him out, and left him with little chance of return. Luckily he already had be accepted in Yokai Academy. There he decided to take shelter and continue his education, maybe find a girl or two if he wanted, really, there's no where to go but up....right?
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Daichi Nori

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